Codeigniter is a great framework for php . It is simple and already helps lot of people to write faster code. The documentation is very good with examples for all the classes – functions.

But (there is always a but…!) in eclipse we used to have our own classes and when we write the “magic arrow” -> we are waiting to have a dropdown list with the functions/variables that the class have .

In Codeigniter till now we write for example $this->session-> … and then we go to the codeigiter website just to see what was the name of the function .

For that reason I created a fake Controller. This is only a fake Controller and it used ONLY for the autocomplete. You can copy paste it WHEREVER you like in the project (because is fake).

Ok lets see it how it works .

1st Step

Download the zip file :

Download the zip file for CI 2.X and CI 3.X (recommended)


Download the zip file for CI 1.7.x


Download the latest development edition from github repository:

2nd Step

Copy it somewhere in your project (I’ve copy it into libraries in a folder named fake)

3rd Step

Start typing in your Controller :-). That’s it. Pretty easy right? Below there are some images to show what you are be able to do.

It works fine in eclipse,netbeans and Aptana.