grocery CRUD for codeigniter

This is a codeigniter CRUD. It is fully tested in codeigniter 2.0 and in 1.7.x. It is simple and has many features . The main feauture is that a customer can easily use this crud, not only a developer!!


The installation is really simple , you just copy the files into your project and run the controller examples to see the results of the CRUD. You can name your controller whatever you like.You can donwload the zip file and you can see the user guide with working examples by clicking the link below .

View user guide and donwnload the CRUD


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  1. nice job 😀 but i have one question , how to check all for delete in gricery ??

  2. Amit Shah

    I am really happy for this. I was looking for this but was missing for long. I will use and update on the same post i check out the usage for the same.

  3. Jan Kube

    What a great thing! Thank you.

  4. There are 2 files missing in the zip datatables.php and flexigrid.php?

  5. Ishan Munjal

    How to add where clause in grocery crud

  6. Jose carlos Campos Cerdera

    thank you very much

    can work with DataMapper?