Codeigniter Simplicity – A simple template library

Have you ever noticed that Codeigniter although a powerful framework is lacking of an important built-in library? Apparently the most famous PHP frameworks has a built-in layout library (many of us call it as template library). In the web they are plenty of template libraries for Codeigniter, but what about a different… simple approach?


Well Codeigniter Simplicity is exactly that! A simple layout library that I wanted to share with you. Visit Codeigniter Simplicity Website for more.

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  1. Lykourgos Tsirikos

    Sure, I’ll give it a try Johnny! The user guide seems very clear and easy to read. Could you please write another post, sometime, about an authentication library too??

    • web_and_development

      Hmmm maybe an authentication library if I have some time 🙂 . It is good that you like it and I will improve a lot the documentation at the future as it is really powerful for our every-day templates tasks.