Ask Johnny #1 – Should I use a framework or a CMS?


1. Am I a bad developer if I don’t know how to use any PHP framework?
2. Should I prefer a framework or a CMS?
3. Is it hard to learn a framework?
4. Is it hard to learn a CMS?
5. Should I create my own PHP Framework?


The Business Game – an alternative way of thinking


Usually the posts at this website are about web development tools. This time however, I’ll walk you through a completely different path! The subject of this post is about working environments and an alternative way of  thinking at work. It doesn’t matter if you are a Junior or a Manager. It doesn’t matter if you work for a big bank or at a startup company; the theory stands for everyone.

Super mario VS boss

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PHP Object Oriented Programming for Newbies


This article analyzes the reasons of using Object Oriented Programming for PHP newcomers. In my opinion anyone can found thousands of tutorials for Object Oriented PHP and Object Oriented Programming. But what about a different… newbie PHP approach?


My approach is to convenience newcomers from PHP background to learn Object Oriented Programming. As there are plenty of tutorials out there, I will try to explain only some basic things about OO Programming with a simple way.
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Codeigniter Simplicity – A simple template library


Have you ever noticed that Codeigniter although a powerful framework is lacking of an important built-in library? Apparently the most famous PHP frameworks has a built-in layout library (many of us call it as template library). In the web they are plenty of template libraries for Codeigniter, but what about a different… simple approach?


Well Codeigniter Simplicity is exactly that! A simple layout library that I wanted to share with you. Visit Codeigniter Simplicity Website for more.
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Twitter Bower – A really simple to use package manager


Have you ever noticed that you are repeating yourself by updating one by one JavaScript, CSS and images for your customers when there is an update at a JavaScript plugin?


Also how many times did you forgot to update a JavaScript plugin, a CSS or even an image at the plugin and the browser crashes because of that? Don’t you prefer to just type an update command and all the JavaScripts, CSS and images to upgrade automatically for you? Well… for all that kind of things the Twitter’s engineering group is here to make our life a bit easier. Let’s welcome Twitter Bower, a really easy to use browser package manager.
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A Framework or a CMS? What is better to choose?


There are lot of articles who are talking about Frameworks and CMS systems. What to choose? Which is the best?

However I wanted to write an article from a totally different perspective. First of all I want to make sure that developers and customers understand the difference between the terminology “CMS” and “Framework” nowadays.

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Minimize your URLs in Codeigniter


Don’t wait until your customer or … your browser(!) start to mention that your URL is way to big from the usually title.

Well the first thing that you realize when you install Codeigntier is that the URLs are really huge, not SEO friendly and not user friendly.

Let’s try to minimize as much as we can for your dynamic created URLs. Below we will explain and give solutions to minimize the URLs as much as possible with htaccess, some route tricks and the _remap() method of Codeigniter.

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Laravel vs Codeigniter

Laravel vs Codeigntier


I just came across with two posts for Laravel Framework with two different opinions
Laravel is awesome and Laravel – a beautiful PHP framework that does not make me feel stupid but with the same conclusion (Laravel is awesome!). As both blog posts where intrested, I would like to have my opinion too with the Laravel framework and Codeigniter.

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Image CRUD for Codeigniter


Image CRUD is an automatic multiple image uploader for Codeigniter. With the same philoshopy of grocery CRUD library. Just simple line of codes and you have all the functionality that you need.

Some of the main features of Image CRUD are:

  • multiple selection of photos to upload the same time
  • auto thumbnail croping
  • auto croping for max size image (800px X 600px max)
  • reordering the photos after the upload
  • delete image
  • auto renaming special characters
  • adding a relation and automatically adding id from the url

For more you can visit the : official image CRUD website

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grocery CRUD for codeigniter

This is a codeigniter CRUD. It is fully tested in codeigniter 2.0 and in 1.7.x. It is simple and has many features . The main feauture is that a customer can easily use this crud, not only a developer!!

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