After of more than two years research by the React team, React Fiber or else react version 16  is out and it looks very promising.

But what react Fiber is and what are the main benefits of it?

In this video we are going to explain as simply as possible everything about React Fiber. There are lot of resources out there and the docs are huge so a quick summary video was needed as the changes are complicated and difficult to describe.

That’s why I did create this video. I hope after watching it you will at least know what is the whole fuzz about and will be able to decide if it worth for you to upgrade the newest version or not!

React version 15 is one of the most popular frameworks out there but what about React version 16 and above? This video will answer some basic questions that are coming to our mind for react Fiber:

1. Should I be worried that I need to learn again from scratch React’s new version?
2. Why React Fiber was built at the first place?
3. What is the key benefit of react Fiber really and why should I care?
4. What exactly is a Fiber?

If you like to learn more about react Fiber, here are some usueful links that also helped understand it better:

And finally it is important to be up to date with React especially now that grocery crud Enterprise version ( is using it