Image CRUD for Codeigniter

Image CRUD is an automatic multiple image uploader for Codeigniter. With the same philoshopy of grocery CRUD library. Just simple line of codes and you have all the functionality that you need.

Some of the main features of Image CRUD are:

  • multiple selection of photos to upload the same time
  • auto thumbnail croping
  • auto croping for max size image (800px X 600px max)
  • reordering the photos after the upload
  • delete image
  • auto renaming special characters
  • adding a relation and automatically adding id from the url

For more you can visit the : official image CRUD website

» Download version 0.5 here «

Image CRUD on github »

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  1. ¬†Ouuuouuu amazing… it seems very useful.. ūüėČ I’ll try it

  2. Ekkarach Phutphat

    thank you so much it’s very useful

    waiting for next article ūüôā

  3. Buddy – once again you rock!! Grocery CRUD and Image CRUD….awesomeness!! Combine the two an you’ll have a¬†unstoppable¬†force of radness!!!

  4. I cant seem to get the thumbnails working on the list, in the image_crud file around line 234 the code:

    $results[$num]->thumbnail_url = base_url().$this->image_path.’/’.$this->thumbnail_prefix.$row->{$this->url_field};

    constructs for example:


    The code “$row->{$this->url_field}” puts in the whole URL instead of just the image row itself. Any way to fix this?

    EDIT: I see that set_url_field and set_primary_key_field doesn’t pickup the new defined values and works with default “id” and “url”

    • web_and_development

       Hello Christopher

      I will look at it and I will see why it is doing that.

      Just to inform you that this project is not yet totally active developed so I will try to fix it when I will find some time.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Cool no worries – it’s still awesome! Used grocery crud, made an actions button and¬†seamless¬†integration, works great! Just used default values as per example and works very well! Thanks mate!! You must be so busy jumping between grocery real and actual real world income hehe! Keep well bro!

    • Stavgian

      I solved this by changing the lines 230 Р238 in  image_crud library

      foreach($results as $num => $row)
      ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† if (!file_exists($this->image_path.’/’.$this->thumbnail_prefix.$row->{$this->url_field})) {
      ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† $this->_create_thumbnail($this->image_path.’/’.$row->{$this->url_field}, $this->image_path.’/’.$this->thumbnail_prefix.$row->{$this->url_field});
      ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† $results[$num]->image_url = base_url().$this->image_path.’/’.$row->{$this->url_field};
                  $results[$num]->thumbnail_url = $row->{$this->url_field};
                  $results[$num]->delete_url = $this->_get_delete_url($row->{$this->primary_key});

  5. Sebounet31

    Hello my friend. Just a thanks for the stuff.  I took a look at 
    grocery CRUD looks good and licence smart so THANKS. 
    I take all.

  6. Can I just say thank you for all your work on these library’s I haven’t used G-Crud since I normally develop my sites using Bonfire which has a Module Builder to create my CRUD methods fairly fast (sorry I’m a developer of it so kinda gotta use it :P) but I was looking for a fast way to add image uploading into a Photo Album, and I was curious if it is possible to add Title/Alt tags and that kind of stuff into Image Crud I haven’t really had time to look into the library itself but it looks very nice from the examples

    • web_and_development

      ¬†For now I didn’t add yet the title thing. I want to add it at a future release. It will be as simple as set_title_field

      • Angga Pino

        so when bro..

        • web_and_development

          You can download the latest trunk version from github with this functionality included.

  7. This is VERY time saving for ordinary people like me.. ūüôā Thank you!¬†

  8. Awesome tool, please make it work for IE and its golden!!

  9. Angga Pino

    but how to combine them in a field of a form?

  10. First of all, thanks you. Image Crud is really cool.
    But I have a problem…all my uploaded pictures are in the upload directory but they have no extension. They just have a file name like “bdaf-“.

    It looks like the problem come from image_crud.php on line 316 :
    $old_file_name = $this->_to_greeklish($_GET[‘qqfile’]);

    $_GET[‘qqfile’]¬†is null. So this is why my file name are strange.

    Any idea ?

    • web_and_development

       Perhaps if you change your configuration at application/config/config.php the
      $config[‘uri_protocol’] = ‘AUTO’; from AUTO to PATH_INFO should work.

      • Thank you very much !
        I had to put¬†$config[‘uri_protocol’]¬†= “QUERY_STRING”;

        • vinesh

          Hi Todd,

          I have changed valued of my config variable that you have mentioned, but after changing that my site is not working, when ever i called any pages then it show my home page content only. Can you please advice me ?

      • I just send you a beer ūüôā
        Thanks a lot for Image Crud and Grocery Crud !

        • web_and_development

          ¬†Well thanks Todd thank you very much ūüôā

  11. Hi i am using image curd but stuck in one situation that on the panel where the uploaded images are shown i want to add anchor back to list but dont know how to do that i am using image curd function in the action of grocery curd please help me 

    • web_and_development

       You can simply use a normal view of codeigniter, for example

      $this->load->view(‘custom_button.php’,array(‘list_url’ => site_url(‘admin/customers’)));

      before the view of image CRUD and that’s it.

  12. Problem with grocery_crud ¬†->add_action(‘Fotos’, ”, ‘funcion’,’ui-icon-image’)

    error Unknown column
    on image_CRUD

  13. Valmotor2

    How to limit the number of photos uploaded for an user? thx.

  14. dianuj89

    Hi Image Crud is not working in IE is there any solution yet ??

  15. I set up this both ways locally and live, fine, nothing is showing as error but when I upload it stops creating thumbnail/large picture name by “..assets/uploads/thumb__ddb1-“, so I couldn’t see it on screen.. XX.[extension] (i.e. 78.jpg) is missing

    • I have also same problem like Razeel ..
      I am also change my config setting from Auto to PATH_INFO…But its still not working ….

      $config[‘uri_protocol’] = ‘PATH_INFO ‘;

      ..please suggest..

      Thanks and Regard

      Salman Ahmad

  16. Plugin is working superb. But it accept all file type. So how do i restrict file type and file counts?

  17. web_and_development

    Guys image CRUD now is working for IE as well. Just download the latest files from git hub ūüôā

  18. Theavuth Nhel

    thanks in advance for this tutorial.

  19. Ahmed Fathi

    i need to use it to upload all kind of files not just images
    i need video and audio ,…….

  20. David Agui√Īaga

    image_path field isn’t working as expected
    for instance

    this tries to load indeed all images in this path, but when I upload any, they all go to “assets/uploads” path.

    I’ve check the code and

    function set_image_path($image_path)
    $this->image_path = $image_path.’/’.$_GET[‘id’]; //just to verify value.
    print_r($this->image_path); //prints path expected
    return $this;

    but in function render() at line 540
    echo json_encode((object)array(‘success’ => $result,’path’=>$this->image_path)); //I added the second parameter to verify the path is ok.
    BUT is not getting my subfolder from set_imiage_path even if I place it manually.

    Any thoughts?

  21. Many thanks for this awesome CRUD ūüôā makes life so much easier… Keep up the good work

  22. Ral gem


  23. Shamitha

    Hey this is really nice, But I have one issue that can we set multiple relation fields by using (set_relation_field) function. because sometimes we need to categorize images under hierarchical level.

  24. Clement Balay

    Hey, awesome for your plugin. I have been trying it a few minutes and it’s very easy and it’s working perfectely, congrats.

    I just have a little question : If I have 500 galleries, I will have 500 tables in my database, isn’t it ? Have I a mean to have all my galleries in one table ? so i would need a “where” clause in the object image_CRUD.

    • Clement Balay

      oups sorry, i didnt see the method ‘set_relation_field’ which is perfect for me. I can have 1 table for many galleries. This plugin is just awesome

  25. shamsher singh

    i m using grocery crud as well as image crud, both from the same control file “Main”
    1. library added

    grocery crud is working fine, but when i open the link of image crud i get the following errors

    Undefined variable: css_files
    Undefined variable: js_files
    Undefined variable: output